Return Policy

Return Policy :

This website , (  is invented  only “ for  the clients/persons who need tax advise or any type of advise relating to tax/finance/estates/legal/business etc., with a view to put a  question  by them and reply by ours satisfactorily only online i.e. through what’s App, or email or social media etc.” with lesser cost.  

If at all, the answers/replies provided by us through online, are not satisfied or wrong answers or not updated answers/replies, the amount will be refunded without any interest within one month of the receipt of the query by the clients.

It is important to note that no suit shall be filed against us or this site, because tax laws/legal laws will be updated frequently.   We are providing answers/replies with the best of our knowledge and belief.

All the queries/questions or consulting on taxation/legal etc., will be answered as per Indian Income-tax Act only or other acts in India.