Answer: Anyone can utilise  this website/advise in the form of email/skype support, who are facing really problems in the subjects of taxation, legal, financial , investment, Digital & Crypto currencies, etc.

Answer: you can get the advise within 24-48 hours, after you put the problem through email to us, clearly stating the facts and circumstances of the case.

Answer: We have a price range of Basic plan, Advanced Plan and Professional Plan.   You can opt any plan.   After paying the price plan, your query or problem will be answered by our experts in the team, through email or any other mode of communication like, skype etc.   Afterwards, if you want to represent or prepare the related subject, a separate fee will be charged.

Answer: Yes. It should be the fees fixed by discussing both ends.

Answer : Yes.   But the time will be given and at that time, you can express your problems and suggestion/ advise can be taken. (Everything is online i.e. through email or skype or What’s App or facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. )

Answer :  We will see the possibility of filing or we will show the way to file any petitions including writ petitions etc., either in India or in any other country and for that, the fees will be discussed separately.

Answer :  Yes, irrespective of jurisdiction.   Please bear it in mind that it is only a providing good advise and support in the above fields to clear the doubts in your mind and you will get relief in the mind immediately in most cases, in the initial stages.

Answer : We strictly follow OECD Rules and Govt.  regulations

Answer: No.   Ours is online website.   Anyone in the World can put email clearly mentioning their problems on the above subjects, by paying the fees mentioned on the website.

Answer : Our intention and motto is to provide good advise, as per our knowledge and belief with lesser cost during these critical times through email support or skype etc., modes without moving to courts, or your physical presence before any tax authorities etc.